US FDA Pregnancy Category Definitions
A Controlled studies in women fail to demonstrate a risk to the fetus in the first trimester (and there is no evidence of a risk in later trimesters), and the possibility of fetal harm appears remote.
B Either animal-reproduction studies have not demonstrated a fetal risk but there are no controlled studies in pregnant women or animal-reproduction studies have shown adverse effect (other than a decrease in fertility) that was not confirmed in controlled studies in women in the first trimester (and there is no evidence of a risk in later trimesters).
C Either studies in animals have revealed adverse effects on the fetus (teratogenic or embryocidal or other) and there are no controlled studies in women or studies in women and animals are not available. Drugs should be given only if the potential benefit justifies the potential risk to the fetus.
D There is positive evidence of human fetal risk, but the benefits from use in pregnant women may be acceptable despite the risk (e.g., if the drug is needed in a life-threatening situation or for a serious disease for which safer drugs cannot be used or are ineffective).
X Studies in animals or human beings have demonstrated fetal abnormalities or there is evidence of fetal risk based on human experience or both, and the risk of the use of the drug in pregnant women clearly outweighs any possible benefit. The drug is contraindicated in women who are or may become pregnant.
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藥品代號 學名 懷孕分級 說明
16S029 Sandostatin(0.1mg/1ml) 針. B 可能安全
16T018 Tagamet(200mg/2ml)inj(Tamedin) B 可能安全
16TSK1 Kytril 3mg/3ml(試驗藥) B 可能安全
17E037 EDTA(1000mg/5mL/A)針(Edetoxin) B 可能安全
17G184 Glucagen(1mg/ml)針. B 可能安全
17I154 Insulin Mixtard 30 (100 U/ml) B 可能安全
17I170 Insulin Actrapid(1000U/10ml)針 B 可能安全
17I196 Insulatard HM Penfill (300IU) B 可能安全
17I215 NovoRapid(300 IU/3ml/penfill) B 可能安全
17I223 NovoMix 30 Penfill(300 IU/3ml) B 可能安全








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